Analysis Of The Book ' The Sniper ' Essay

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Literary Essay
There is a use of twist endings to change the entire moral of the story. Wether its reading “The Snipper” by Liam O’Flahherty, “The Diamond Neckless” by Guy de Maupassant or “Just Lather, Thats All” by Hernando Tellez all encounter a twisted ending. The mood and perspective in which the reader receives changes due to the rather sudden twisted and surprising ending. In the three short stories, the sudden twisted ending changes how the reader looks at the antagonist. The twisted endings tie up all the loose strings of the stories. Ultimately, the characters are presented with a twisted fate, which changes the mood and perspective of the reader at the end of each work.
The rather unsudden twisted ending changes the way the reader thinks about the antagonist. In “The Sniper” The reader thought as the antagonist as an enemy. During the story, the antagonist was the “bad guy” and needed to be killed. The twisted ending changes the perspective of the reader when “The sniper turned over the dead body and looked into his brothers face.”(Liam O’Flahherty, 3). The reader no longer thinks of the antagonist as the “bad guy” and the guy that needed to be killed. In “Just Lather, Thats All” The reader thought as Captain Torres as a rough and mean person. At the end of the story, Captain Torres states that “They told me that you 'd kill me. I came to find out. But killing isn 't easy you can take my word for it.”(Hernando Tellez, 3) This ending changes the reader state…

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