Analysis Of The Book ' The Secret Letter ' Essay examples

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Throughout A Tale of Two Cities, conflicts arise. These conflicts provoke dark secrets, which fuel the violence of the Revolution. For instance, how Dr. Manette 's forgotten history detailed in his secret letter is released in Darnay’s trial. Charles 's secret past as an Evrémonde,Jerry Cruncher 's secret, and Monsieur and Madame Defarge 's activities in organizing the Revolution. All this secrecy is a result of the fighting between the hated aristocrats and the revolutionaries. . In the conflicts between the French aristocracy and revolutionaries, both use spies to find out their enemies ' secrets and make harsh punishments for anyone suspected of being an enemy. In the time period, everyone suspects everyone else, and everyone feels that they must keep secrets in order to survive. The novel brings up a point that there is more to someone’s past, and more than anyone could know. Secrecy is revealed in Nine Days. This chapter is significant point in the novel, serving as the turning point. The day of Lucie and Darnay 's wedding, Doctor Alexandre Manette and Darnay have a private discussion. After this private discussion, the Doctor is very pale but conscious. Lucie and Darnay are married, and they endure a two week honeymoon. All while they are gone, Dr.Manette relapses to his previous state for nine days. This relapse is caused when Darnay reveals his secret to Dr.Manette, ultimately causing his reaction.. In addition, although the Doctor has been healthy for…

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