Analysis Of The Book ' The Scarlet Letter ' Essay

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The Mysterious Being! The first chapter of “The Scarlet Letter” sets in motion the rest of the story in a few aspects including; the setting, an imagined world, and hidden in the text, is Mother Nature. Something that one may overlook throughout simple daily life is the gift, protection, and unforgiveable powers of nature. However, when the society of man dishes out a harsh, unwanted fate to someone while turning their back in disappointment, such as the Puritan Society did to Hester Prynne, Mother Nature is there, willing to turn the other cheek (Hawthorne 45-46). How the first chapter in this book brings forth some symbols and explains the setting for the rest of the story, we can be able to better grasp the whole meaning of the book. Through reading chapter Out of all the imagery, almost hidden in the text of chapter one in “The Scarlet Letter”, is the gift of certain items, and setting for the rest of the story. However, with these few things, a mood of being down and gloomy is portrayed in the beginning (Sherwood). As the chapter closes, Mother Nature is brought into the scene with the rosebush at the entrance of the jail; which is quite a good thing. So the mood in this book varies throughout. When Hester Prynne comes out of the prison, she has to stand on the scaffold with her personally sewn Scarlet Letter “A” in front of everyone. This was the sentence given her instead of a death sentence, which would have been given but not in this case. Over much…

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