Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Scarlet Letter '

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“To sin by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men” (Ella Wilcox). The book, The Scarlet Letter, is one all about sin. Some sins are actually committed, while other sins occur by no action taking place. Arthur Dimmesdale, a Minister, is the father of Pearl Prynne, who was born to a woman named Hester who is married to Roger Chillingworth. Meaning Hester committed adultery, and Pearl is the outcome. Meaning Hester committed adultery, and Pearl is the outcome. But Dimmesdale never spoke out, and Hester never revealed his name. As a result Hester was thrown in jail and burdened with her Scarlet A. Due to all of this, Pearl never knew her father. There were moments when she could have guessed, but Dimmesdale had never claimed her as his own. As a result they never had a real father and daughter relationship; and the one they did have was not one of acceptance. Dimmesdale never accepted Pearl, and Pearl never accepted Dimmesdale because of that. Dimmesdale and Pearl’s relationship is directly correlated to Dimmesdale’s acceptance of his sin. Dimmesdale doesn’t accept Pearl, publicly or in his heart because to dimmesdale Pearl is sin.. Dimmesdale never really pursued a relationship with Pearl because he never really thought of her as an actual child. He thought of her as if she was sin reincarnated. Pearl was born out of adultery but because he never had to really admit to himself that he had sinned, he never had to admit that Pearl was his. Sure he could think…

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