Analysis Of The Book ' The Road Of Marrakesh ' Essay

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The road to Marrakesh

The night before their departure from Anfa, Antonio lay on the creaking bed, staring at the ceiling of his room in the house in the Alt Baha. He wondered how Carolina would be managing without him and whether she and Lupita were still working the streets of Madrid as a duet. He missed Carolina more than anyone else, including Francisca, who still badly wanted to marry him. He liked her but remained unsure of a future with the woman. He wondered whether Carolina had sent the promised letter to his parents in Pedraza and what they might think of his going to Morocco. He even had a thought for his aging mare, probably enjoying its new, if temporary, life in the palace stables. He had trouble believing that from Jac, the inn-keeper’s daughter in Guadalajara, telling him about the Morisco plot to kidnap the king, now more than two years before, he had changed his career from being a wandering musician to being a spy, now on a mission so crucial that the future of Spain could depend on it. But at heart, he still felt that he was first a musician and even more pleased that, there in his trunk, well hidden, lurked his new violin, ready to give a tune at his own bow strokes and fingers on the strings. In his room next door, Tariq’s mind had turned itself back towards Madrid. He badly missed his wife, Ishraq Alsulami, and Reva, his beautiful if enigmatic daughter. He hoped that Silva would provide them with any protection they might need. They were, like…

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