Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' The Road ' By Cormac Mccarthy

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Whether the main characters are survivors, or “the walking dead in a horror film” (Cormac McCarthy 55), they are “carrying the fire” (McCarthy 129) within themselves on a journey in hope to recover the civilization that had vanished in the world of depravity. McCarthy’s The Road follows the journey of a father and young boy who travel the path of a road that leads to nowhere, searching to find a way to renew the faith in humanity after an unexplained apocalypse. The setting of the apocalypse was caused by the destruction of humans and their own selfish desires for power. The setting and climate both reflect the situation of human species along with their loss of faith. This is expressed by examining the setting and climate of the novel.
The concept of corruption in human society is conveyed through the novel’s apocalypse. Although it was never mentioned how this disaster has occurred, it is theorized that it was induced by the “internal corruption of people who sought too long for their own power, who placed their own needs above those of others” (Cooper 5). Humanity has become selfish and catastrophic, using their abilities to bring upon destruction among themselves leading to their ruination that was once their cradle. Their selfish desires leads to their downfall. Even after the disaster, society continues to act immorally instead of working to find a solution to their crisis. In the novel, the father and son come across a group of three people; two men and a pregnant…

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