Essay Analysis Of The Book ' The Righteous '

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The Righteous Sufferer The Bible is filled with wonderful stories that both inspire and more often than not, teach a lesson or rather allows readers to draw knowledge from the individuals within the stories. One such book is the book of Job, which is the story of a man who goes from living the good life, losing it all, and then getting it all back again. In the book of Job, In the Hebrew Bible, the author, uses imagery, symbolism, and irony to develop the theme of suffering of the righteous. Which means that the righteous suffer and are not immune to troubles and trials. Before digging into the Book of Job and its information it helps to understand a little bit about the book. The Book of Job is set during the time of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. The book gets its name from the main character who is named Job. He goes through unimaginable amounts of suffering. A few of his sufferings would be the loss of his money and wealth, as well as his own health and the deaths of his family members and servants. (Keathley) The book is considered to be a theodicy which means " A vindication of God 's gooodness, justice and sovereign character in the face of the existence of suffering and evil". A further purpose to the book is to demonstrate a conflict. That conflict is between God and Satan and it shows the relationship with suffering because of this conflict. (Keathley) The book of job is filled with numerous amounts of…

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