Analysis Of The Book ' The Red Convertible ' By Louise Erdrich

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A Broken Puzzle “Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change” (Shelley). The two stories “The Red Convertible” by Louise Erdrich and “The Brothers” by Lysley Tenorio demonstrates that a sudden change can turn a lifetime of memories into betrayals, In “The Red Convertible,” the brothers Henry and Lyman has a strong bond filled with amusement and adoration but disintegrates as a result of an unexpected event that happens to Henry. In comparison, in “The Brothers,” the brother Eric who later becomes Erica, reveals to the world on national television his change in identity. This event shocks his mother and brother Edmond, causing their familiarity to drift apart. Both stories share a similar obstacle that the brothers face, but it isn’t until the end, after the death of the troubled brother, that the remaining brother comes to accept and reconcile their relationships as a family. The authors uses some neat literary techniques such as symbolism, imagery, flashback, and epiphany to tell their story. The authors of “The Red Convertible” and “The Brothers,” conveys the message of their story to the readers and allows the readers to interpret and analyze these messages by the use of literary devices. In “The Red Convertible,” Lamartine begins the story with a flashback, which according to Reading and Writing about Literature by Janet E. Gardner, is a literary device used by the writer to introduce “important earlier material” (189). In addition to…

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