Analysis Of The Book ' The Raisin Of The Sun ' Essay

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Racial Discrimination has always been a problem in our country. There are two kinds of racism- one, which could be easily seen and understood, and other being unclear or hidden, which is hard for a person to recognize most of the times. Even though both are dangerous in different ways, latter is the most dangerous among them. In “Raisin in the Sun”, Mr. Lindner is a character which applies such form of racism to meet his motive of not letting the African-American family move into his white neighborhood. Through Mr. Lindner’s visit to the Younger’s family, A Raisin in the Sun demonstrates racially segregated nature of Chicago’s neighborhood and the non-violent tactics used by Mr. Lindner to racially segregate the African-American family from other white people in his community.
Mr. Lindner’s visit to the Younger’s family depicted the high level of racial segregation in the areas of Chicago. When Mr. Lindner comes to meet with Walter’s mama and Beneatha opens the door for him, “Beneatha is somewhat surprised to see a quiet looking, middle-aged white man in a business suit holding his hat and a briefcase in his hand” (113) as mentioned in the stage directions. Beneatha’s astonishment clearly shows how unusual it was for her to see a white man visiting them. Moreover, after acknowledging Mr. Lindner, she closes the door and utters, “There’s a white man at the door” (113) clearly, but without making any sound in order to tell about this uncommon instance to Walter and Ruth as…

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