Analysis Of The Book ' The Rabbit Hole ' Essay examples

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Alice in wonderland is a children’s novel that has entire worlds of meaning to different people. The story is told in a very childish matter and begins with the tale of our young friend Alice who upon seeing a white rabbit running, she begins to chase the white rabbit and falls down the rabbit’s hole and winds up finding herself in a very peculiar world. Right away as Alice explores the rabbit hole she stumbles across many things that don’t belong such as cupboards and dressers and she quickly realizes she has entered an odd interpretation of reality where sense has turned to nonsense. As Alice see’s the white rabbit and takes off to catch it she has no idea of the images she will have to face and the ways the word is about to be exposed.

Alice venturous into wonderland which in her mind is the rabbit hole but at a step always glance we can see how much of the real world’s situation that we normally don’t think twice about will be brought forth into an immediate problem rather than one that is out of sight and out of mind. One point that wonderland makes very clear is the way we treat creatures that are not human. The story constantly has animals making the rules and playing the humans as fools. Alice has a funny way of acknowledging it saying sarcastically but with the remark “Goodness. I suppose I’ll be taking orders from Dinah next” (Dinah is Alice cat in the real world.). Alice says this in response to the white rabbit ordering her around but I find it to be…

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