Analysis Of The Book ' The Play ' By Chaim Potok Essay

825 Words Nov 11th, 2015 4 Pages
Danny Saunders is just like any other kid who feels forced into doing what his dad wants him to do. Throughout the book Danny is forced to study, learn, and reiterate knowledge of the Talmud to practice his Hasidic faith. His father, Reb Saunders, does not even speak to him unless it is about the Talmud or the study of it. Danny is conflicted with his traditional way of religion and his new found love for psychoanalytic. However with his love for psychology, he soon becomes more modernized with religion instead of his once traditional way of it. Throughout the book, the author, Chaim Potok, shows the transitions in numerous ways in the character Danny Saunders. In the beginning of the book, Danny’s softball team is described by Reuven, the main character, by the looks of their appearance. Reuven states that they are all uniform with their traditional ear locks and closely cropped hair. This appearance to Reuven makes him assume they are very traditional Jews. However as the game progresses, Danny’s softball team talked a lot of smacked to Reuven’s team which is not very traditional. The root of the smack talking was because Reuven’s team were not Hasidic Jews. Danny and his team disapproved of the other teams view on the religion. This then led to Danny’s team taking their aggression out by beating up on Reuven’s team. This game is very important because it gives the read a sense of what Danny was like before he became close friends with Reuven. As the book progresses…

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