Analysis Of The Book ' The Outsiders ' Essay

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“Greasers can 't walk alone too much or they 'll get jumped, or someone will come by and scream "Greaser!" at them which doesn 't make you feel too hot if you know what I mean. ” ~ The Outsiders, Chapter 1, Page 2. This quote which kicks off the book helps to bring together what the narrator and main character Ponyboy character is as a Greaser. The Greasers are what the East side poor kids of Tulsa, Oklahoma with their slicked back long greased hair and switch blades, are called, kind of like hoodlums who stick up for each other. On the other hand the Socials or how it 's shortened it in the book Socs (it is pronounced So-Shis) are the West side rich kids with fancy cars and lots of free time, which they use to jump greasers. The book “The Outsiders” is written by S. E. Hinton, she started the book when she was just 15 years old and got it published three years later in 1967. The Outsiders focus on the Greasers in particular throughout the book, mainly with these seven people in particular. The Curtis Family, starting with the protagonist Ponyboy Curtis, who at the age of 14 is the youngest and smallest brother of three, with Soda-pop a laid-back high school dropout the middle brother and 16 year old teenage heartthrob, and the oldest brother Darrel who is in his 20 's and is taking care of the family since the passing of the family 's parents. Dallas Winston nicknamed Dally is the roughest Greaser having been in jail multiple times, and being in serious gang wars in his…

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