Analysis Of The Book ' The Outsiders ' Essay

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The setting takes place at a city in Oklahoma (Although the book never identifies the location but S.E. Hinton’s book prior to this one “The Outsiders” has characters such as Ponyboy Curtis therefore I am assuming it is the same location). Where the weather is considered normal for a fairly overpopulated city. During the time period of the 60’s where greasers, hippies and sox all strive for street cred and rule the streets in which the majority of people 's lives consist of poverty, carelessness, and troublemaking. For example actions such as fights, theft, drug use, and underage intoxication were not uncommon.

Bryon - The main character. A sixteen year old big guy with dark hair, and dark eyes to match. His attitude towards life begins much like Marks but events in the story cause him to have a change of heart. After actions such as gambling took the life of his friend and put himself in a near death situation, Bryon realises how precious life is.

Mark - Bryon’s best friend who’m is practically a brother to him. He has a small and compact body, his eyes are golden matching his hair. He thinks life is only a game and lives merely for the thrill of it. His actions of stealing, assault, and drug dealing show he has no self respect, and has little to no morals to live by.

Charlie - Charlie was the owner of the bar and a good friend of Bryon and Mark. A twenty two year old caucasian tough guy. His display of bravery was the beginning of Bryon’s wake up call after…

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