Analysis Of The Book ' The ' Of The Usa ' Essay

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At the beginning of the novel, the reader finds it hard to comprehend present day America as a small and weak nation. That view is because of the way that the USA is viewed today. Present day, the USA is viewed as a strong and powerful country because if its backing by countless allies and the amount of nuclear bombs it holds in its power. Since the USA holds so much power nowadays, the reader would assume that the country had also been like this. However, Joseph Ellis does provide the reader with imagery showing the fragility of the new country. It provides the reader with enough accurate information showing the amount of delicately that the country was in. One example is the letters and the text that the author provides us with. For example, on page 5 Benjamin Rush claims how he heard two signers of the Declaration of Independence garrulously talking how unlikely it was for them to survive as they believed the formidable British army would hunt them down and execute them. That scene shows that how flimsy the new country stood. Ellis is very successful in creating a 18th century atmosphere when the reader is devouring this book.
It shows their personality and how they stick together like brothers .I
Aaron Burr’s duel with Alexander Hamilton changed American history forever. When the smoke finally cleared, Hamilton, one of the most influential people in the American revolution laid dying on the ground, mortally wounded by a fatal pistol shot. Hamilton was the type of…

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