Analysis Of The Book ' The ' Of The Mummy ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Tyler clasped his fingers with Khepri 's, using his other hand to press into Khepri 's chest as he leaned in and feathered his lips across the mummy 's. Tyler felt no kiss in return, hardly surprising but still slightly unexpected from past experiences with other people who were adamant about kissing back regardless of expectancy. Khepri 's heart became a leveled beat, and Tyler felt too lost in the moment to fully recognize it. Khepri 's lips weren 't exactly soft, but the way he pouted with them by habit made them feel close enough to the idea Tyler had in mind. When Tyler 's mind came to, he instantly became alerted by the lack of expression or response from the other party, causing Tyler to tug away and rip his gaze down to the hand he held against Khepri 's chest. The beat that greeted it was steady and patient, filling Tyler with dread for just an instant, before turning into disappointment. Tyler looked up to Khepri, with his face still flushed from his efforts, eyes glazed over from the feelings he had before he went for the gold. Tyler tried to make sense out of the mask covering Khepri 's face, as though it would tell him the answers he needed, and maybe it did when he begged it to, because the second he began to question the mask 's secrets, Khepri 's heart began to thud quickly, his body reeling slowly and dizzily as his mouth opened and closed in a shockwave of realization. The words _delayed reaction_ flashed briefly in Tyler 's mind, as Khepri began to take…

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