Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Novel '

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This novella starts off by pulling the audience into the story by a nameless narrator remembering a Christmas Eve get-together at an old home, where everyone is telling ghost stories around a fire. Douglas (an individual from the gathering) brings up a satire tale like no other. A tale about two children, Flora and Miles, and a governess. He reads the tale from a manuscript, then suddenly shifts to the protagonist, the governess, speaking from her point of view. The time set is around the 1840s and in a country home named Bly in Essex, England. The protagonist, a twenty year old women, who is well rounded character yet also sensitive and emotionally explosive. James makes you question anything that happens, he makes you stop and think if this is really happening. The way James describes the different encounters the governess has with what she believes to be supernatural forces makes you question her credibility. The way she believes she is a captain “…being almost as lost as a handful of passengers in a great drifting ship. Well, I was, strangely, at the helm!” (James 32) makes her ignorant and tries to find the real mysteries hidden within Bly, and her responsibility, controls her to protect her two pupils from what she calls to be supernatural forces. How the “corruption” of her pure and innocent pupils, so it’s the governess job to stop the ghosts of Quint (a previous worker from Bly) and Miss Jessel (the previous governess) from corrupting them. The way James make you…

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