Analysis Of The Book ' The Novel ' Essay

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The novel is narrated by a heterodiegetic narrator, and he uses an external focaliser. Meaning that the novel is narrated by a person, who is unknown to us, that talks about the people and lets the reader know what is going on with out giving much insight to their personal thoughts and feelings. This narrator is also omniscient, while many omniscient narrators go inside the mind of the characters, this one doesn’t, he stay objective. Allowing the reader to decide how they feel about each character, because there is no bias.
The choice of narrator affects the reader’s interpretation in that the objective little descriptions allow the reader decide how they feel about a character, without being persuaded by the narrator. Not only does it let the reader to make decisions on characters, it makes it so the reader doesn’t get to attached to any of the characters.
One major theme in the novel is killing those that are deemed to be burdensome, or mercy killings. This is shown through Lennie, who is mentally handicapped, the puppies that Slim’s dog birthed, and Candy’s dog who was very old. They believe that by killing Lennie and the pups they are really doing them a favor because they are better off dead than alive. Slim tells everyone that he couldn’t keep four of the pups alive because they would drink too much milk from Lulu, ““She slang her pups last night,” said Slim. “Nine of ‘em. I drowned four of ‘em right off. She couldn’t feed that many.”” With Candy’s dog…

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