Analysis Of The Book ' The Night ' Essay

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Sadie sat high on top of the zebra infested comforter while crossing the honey brown sections of Callie’s hair one over another. In the opposite corner of the hot pink bedroom, Molly looked as if she was trying out to be a contortionist because she couldn’t quite reach her last toe.

“Did you hear that Ashley and Matt are back together? Said Callie.

Sadie replied, “Since when? Because Matt told me he asked the new girl from 6th period to got to the movies tonight.”

“That’s typical for him. Ashley should just move on, he’s not worth sticking around for,” I replied out of experience with dating him in 8th grade.

Once the famous chick flick of the century, The Notebook came to an end, I looked around to see the girls’ bodies sprawled in every direction. The smell of nail polish lingered and the cool breeze of the ceiling fan made me pull the fluffy comforter as close to my chin as I could get.

It was 6 o’clock the next morning and I woke to the soft but annoying vibrations of my cell phone. Blinded by the brightness of my phone compared to the dark room, I opened one eye and squinted the other while looking to see whom it was. Mom? I had that groggy feeling in the back of my throat and the sleepy in the corner of my eye still, but I proceeded to call back just in case this wasn’t an accident. She picked up the phone

and was breathing heavy. She only said but about five words, short and to the point, but each one made my eyes grow wider. The girls woke up because of my…

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