Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Night '

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Rob is a young boys who 's mother recently died of cancer. He and his father moved to Florida after her death and now live at the Kentucky Star Motel where his father works. Rob gets teased a lot of school. Mainly because he has a sever skin condition that leaves his legs dry, red, and itchy almost all the time. Before school one day Rob is exploring through the woods behind the motel and comes across an astonishing discovery. There is a real live tiger caged up. Rob can’t believe his eyes and decides against telling anyone about it. Rob is on the school bus being tormented by two bullies when the bus makes an unexpected stop. A new girl named Sistine climbs on. Rob thinks nothing of her expect that she looks very different. That day at school Sistine gets bullied and even into a physical fight at recess. Rob tries to stand up for her but gets chased away. Soon he is called into the principals office where he explains that the parents are concerned that his skin condition is contagious. The principal suggests that Rob take a few days off from school to see if it will clear up a bit from some new medicine. Although Rob and his father know it is not contagious, he is ecstatic to be out of school for a bit. Rob hates school. That afternoon on the bus Sistine sits right beside Rob. They talk a little bit and Rob feels strange talking to her, he doesn 't usually like talking but he feels like he can talk to her. She offers to bring him his homework everyday after school. Home…

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