Analysis Of The Book ' The Night ' Essay

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William walked slowly back to Ipswich, having left his horse by the hotel at which he stayed. His mind was on Kat and their frolic in the cold ocean. He couldn’t believe he’d told her about the attack. No one but his uncle knew about that, yet here he was, sharing all his secrets with the woman who’d so thoroughly captured his attention. What is it about her that I can’t resist? He loved talking with her, enjoyed her sense of humor, and the mystery she presented. She held so much more substance than any other woman he’d ever laid eyes on.
He shook his head and sniffed the air tentatively. William could almost swear he smelled the sweet scent of her on the air, mingled with the ever-present smell of salty water and fish. He could really get used to this area. Especially if he could have the auburn hair beauty that had captured his attention.
William chuckled slightly. “Look at me, ready to settle down and take a wife.” He wasn’t sure what to think of this new development, but it did require a bit more thought and planning on his part. How to win a witch’s heart was beyond him.
Kat walked toward the edge of town, her thoughts on the past week and all the wonderful moments spent with William. Not only had he come by the following day after her nightmare for lunch and to chat with her on the beach the following day, but he’d returned to visit her every day after that. She couldn’t remember any other friend making such an attempt to get to know her, and she found that she…

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