Analysis Of The Book ' The Night ' Essay

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Arina looked down at her history book that was unopened. It was the beginning of the school year and her mother had just purchased all of Arina 's school books. She looked up at her phone and saw that she had no new messages. She rolled her eyes and put the phone back on her bed where she was sitting. Then she looked around in her empty room, with nothing in it but her clothes that were in her closet, a dresser, and her bed. She was a small girl, with hair that was dyed black that laid lame on her shoulders. Her eyes were the shade of blue that only appears when the moon reflects on the water. Arina did not like things to be messy. When her room was untidy, her life seem to feel less organized and more cluttered.

She heard a faint rumble. She soon realized that is was her stomach. She realized this because she could not remember when the last time she ate was.

"Mom, are you making dinner?" Arina yelled from her bed, expecting the echo to travel all the way down stairs. No reply was heard.

"Mom, I 'm going to order a pizza...With your credit card." She said louder than before.

"Mom?" Arina yelled again. She was used to the ungiven responses that came from her mother 's mouth.

"Useless..." Arina whispered to herself in aggravation. Arina stomped back over to her bed and snatched up her phone, dialing the number to the local pizza place. In the middle of that call, her phone started to vibrate. She took the phone away from…

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