Analysis Of The Book ' The Nanny Arrives ' Essay

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The screams and cries for affection bolt her up and out of the bed. The same feeling of nausea washes through her body, as she stumbles dizzily towards the wailing sounds that fill her pounding head. She hushes her infant daughter as the baby leeches whatever warmth and radiance the woman has left. She shivers as the cold drops of shower water envelop her skin and drown her in a few seconds of ignorance from this misery she calls a life. Every second of blissful water brings her back to reality and poverty; she is forced to exchange whatever daydreams she thought possible for the harsh truth that she cannot afford to waste a mere second. The nanny arrives, announcing her presence with a quick sequence of knocks necessary, lest an intruder waiting outside is prepared to pounce and to rob her of what little she possesses.
She collects her prized possessions: a computer, pen, pencil, journal, and storybook. The aroma of a coffee shop allures her as she guzzles coffee, props up her computer, and begins to type. Such was the daily routine of one woman, caught in the hardships of becoming a writer, who is still at the top of the pyramid despite her glory days a bit past her. This rise in success is not due to kismet, but the result of a variety of factors that can be placed in three major categories. Because she was raised with concerted cultivation, exceeded the 10,000 hour rule for writing, and transformed her disadvantages into advantages, J.K. Rowling was able to become a…

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