Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' The Making Of The Atomic Bomb '

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In the book “The Making of the Atomic Bomb”, the author Richard Rhodes argues that the “Atomic Age” was almost entirely brought to being by Jewish and semitic groups. Through this extensive 800 page book, Rhodes brings up bonafide historical events, records, and interviews to compile a piece of work that not only encapsulates the emotions and ideological stirring of the time, but also the immersive science that went into the bomb that changed the world. This book doesn 't just begin with Hiroshima or Nagasaki either, but spans all the way from the Manhattan project to the end of the “Cold War Era”, and how we use nuclear energy now.
In the book Rhodes begins building his argument by bringing to light one of the best known physicists of our time, and possibly all time. Albert Einstein. Without his immense and new theories on matter and energy, the bomb may have never been built in the first place. Rhodes points out that although the concept of nuclear fusion and fission had been conceived prior to Einstein; it was his famous “E=mc2”, that paved the road for the number crunchers and engineers to put the entire process into motion. The one piece that makes this entire argument valid is the fact that Einstein himself was a Jew, who had escaped Germany before WWII.
Next Rhodes highlights the history of anti-semitism in Europe during the 1930’s, and how because of that many Jewish people (specifically Jewish scientists), fled to england and/or the united states. According to…

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