Essay Analysis Of The Book ' The Lottery '

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Surprise endings are common in modern day short stories, but these particular endings do vary in believability like the story, “The Lottery.” This story 's ending was a huge surprise for the audience, but it wasn’t very believable if one relates it to reality. In the story, everyone acted like nothing was going on, but someone was going to die at the end of that day. In reality, these people would of either left that village years ago or there would be a stop to this “tradition.” This is what makes the ending so unbelievable; nobody would want to take this risk of death by just a tradition once every year. Also, the village only contains about 300 people, so the risk of getting picked from the lottery is significantly high. Nobody in reality would take these chances of getting pelted by rocks for just a custom. The positive attitudes of the villagers and the setting that was described in the story made it very hard to accept that an individual was going to get their own life taken away from them. “The Lottery” had an ending that the audience didn’t expect at all, but in reality this death wasn’t believable at all.
The attitude from most characters in this story show that an ending like this is very unbelievable. First, the kids of the village weren’t even afraid that the danger of death was upon them. After school ended for the children, they went into “boisterous play.” The kids were excited for this day; there was no sense of fear from them. The children saw this day as a…

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