Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Lady With The Little Dog '

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Although Anton Chekhov was a Russian playwright and short story writer, one would be surprised to know that he was also a physician. After years in and out of the medical field, he decided to continue his true passion: writing short stories and plays. He is the author of “The Lady with the Little Dog”, which depicts the lives of two unhappily married individuals who find true love in each other. Like most authors who wrote about their personal experiences, Chekhov wrote about his relationship with Olga Knipper. In the article, “Surprised by Love: Chekhov and “The Lady with the Dog” by Robert Fulford, there are several components of Chekhov’s personal and professional life that should be recognized. The component of his personal life is: the similarities between Chekhov and Knipper’s relationship and the relationship between the main characters in the short story (Dmitri Gurov and Anna Sergeevna). In Chekhov’s professional life, the components are: his underlining message that differed from other writers in his day and the influence he left beyond in the world of literature. Furthermore, Chekhov’s personal and professional life correlate in different aspects. The most important aspect of Chekhov’s personal life was his relationship with Olga Knipper. Chekhov, much like Gurov, had the same negative attitude towards women. As stated in Fulford’s article, “Ronald Hingley in his biography says Chekhov required his female friends to “‘be…

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