Analysis Of The Book ' The Knight Darkens ' Essay

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The Knight Darkens

We open this story to a page long forgotten and a time much romanticized. On the first harsh winter in many years a woman sat alone in her chamber in the Lord of Quath 's castle. The room was neither small nor large but very clean and tidy. Under the mantle was a fireplace where a grand fire roared in challenge to the howling winter winds. The lower floor where the woman stayed contained many other rooms where visiting Knights slept during their travels. She was uncommonly beautiful with skin so pale it rivaled even the moon; her hair was darker than a raven 's feathers and just as sleek and shiny. The irises of her eyes were so green that they reminded one of the purest emerald and a body tall and slender. As the woman sat by the fireplace she polished a full suit of armor.
A knock sounded on the heavy wooden door she looked up surprised, but instantly removed any emotion from her face again as if the action was effortless and well practiced. Quickly she got up and soundlessly moved across the room, opening the door. At the door stood a man who appeared no older than 20 years old . “ The lady of the manor wishes to speak to you immediately, follow me.” he said. The woman opened the door wider and stepped out, closing the door behind her. The man whom she followed had chestnut colored hair, sun kissed skin and was not much taller than she. Although he was of noble birth, he treated everyone…

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