Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' The Iron Bull '

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“Hey Kadan, are you sure you really want me coming with you to your clan?” Iron Bull asked for the millionth time. And for the millionth time Terra would just smiled at him and pat his arm as they rode to the settlement that her clan was now a part of. Terra was excited to go see what they made of the city of Wycome and she decided it was time for her to bring Iron Bull home to the family. Which was what Iron Bull was decidedly less excited about. Between his previous knowledge, Dalish 's stories about her own clan and Lelianna 's constant reminders about Dalish customs, Bull was not as confident as Terra seemed to be about this meeting. Lelianna had suggested to him they not reveal their relationship for fear that Terra could be disowned by her clan. When Iron Bull first brought this up, Terra had laughed and said that she thought it would be fine as long as she didn 't bring home a human. Then she quieted his other protest with very well placed lips. And when he brought it up again, Terra admitted to not knowing how they would react. “Im not losing you,” she had told him and shrugged at the prospect of being cut off from them. And he would have accepted that if he didn 't know her clan meant the world to her. That she would go visit the clan in the exalted plains when she was feeling homesick. That losing her clan would break her heart just as much as him losing the Chargers. And he would not let her feel that heartbreak if it was within his power to stop it. In the…

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