Analysis Of The Book ' The Hunters Of The Snow ' By Tobias Wolff

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“The hunters in the Snow” is a short story by Tobias Wolff. The story opens up with an overweight man named Tub. He waits for his friends to come pick him up for over an hour and when they show up Kenny, the driver, plays joke acting like he was going to run him over. Tub complained and Frank, his other friend, told him to relax that it was just a joke. Once Tub was in the car, they drove to the woods to go hunting for deer. Once there the story shows that Kenny and Frank were closer than they were with Tub. As they were hunting, Tub struggled to maneuver over some of the fences; however, neither Frank nor Kenny would help him over. They had been hunting for over two hours and there was no sight of any tracks, so they decided to stop and have lunch. Kenny then began to pick on Tub for being overweight and having to be on a diet. After eating, they continue to hunt, and before long, they had found tracks. As they were following them, they wandered along a sign that said no hunting. They decided to ask the owner for permission to hunt on his land, so they headed back to the truck. As they were heading back to the truck, Frank and Kenny started getting farther and farther away from Tub. Once he saw they truck, his two friends were already in it and was pulling away. Tub ran for the truck and caught up in time. When they got to the farmhouse, Kenny left the truck to ask the owner for permission to hunt on his land. When Kenny returned to the truck he let them know that it was…

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