Analysis Of The Book ' The Half Of The Yellow Sun ' Essay

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Madison DuBois
World Civilizations
0ctober 18th, 2016

The Half of The Yellow Sun was written by Chimanmanda Adichie. The book was based in Nigeria, the author of the book was born there. This book gives the illustration of the Biafra War. It tells the story of two sisters, Olanna and Kainene during the war. There are many themes that are shown within the relationships of multiple people. The readers read through many sufferings, losses, and horrible struggles in the novel. This allows the readers to get on a personal relationship with the time in Nigerian history. When reading threw the novel there are many remarkable details about Nigera. The novel is all about politics and relationships, which all occurs within the main characters. I believe Chimamanda Adichie wrote this novel to inform people on how things truly where in Nigeria. Lot of horrible things occurred in Nigeria during the Biafran War. We as readers would not understand the horror and trials that occurred then. She grew up learning about the war, and she appreciated that it was part of her culture. Adichie wanted to show the readers also what exactly she learned at such a young age threw a novel. One of the main things she wrote about in the novel was colonialism and the changes that it brought portraying it threw the characters. She showed the readers how everything was constantly changing due to the tragedy of the war. She also wanted to show the readers that the war did change Nigeria, and that…

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