Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In 1958, the year the family had moved into the house on Willowdale and that Herbie died, Darrel was a junior in high school, Karen was in the sixth grade, and Maribeth was in kindergarten, and they were still new to living in Elkhart. They hadn’t quite settled on a church home and there were quite a few Mennonite churches to choose from.
Daniel said, “The first one that invites us home to dinner should be the one we pick.” He said it a bit tongue-in-cheek, but there was truth to it. And as it turned out, that is the church they picked.
The first Sunday that they tried Prairie Street Mennonite, Carrie was pleased to run into her friends Dorsa and Mary Mishler. Carrie and Dorsa had taught school together and had gone to high school together. After church, Mary invited them to her house for dinner.
Carrie and Daniel liked that there were other couples their age at the church and that Darrel would have a way to get to Bethany if they went there. Prairie Street became their church home.
A couple years after they started attending, JD Graber proposed the idea of going to Nigeria. The hospital there needed a lot of help and he’d talked to Daniel about it. Daniel was clear about his thoughts on the matter, “Well, I’m a math teacher and that isn’t my forte.”
After a while though, JD came back to Daniel and Carrie with another proposal for Nigeria. “I know the hospital wasn’t your forte, but this is,” JD said. Nigeria needed a math teacher.
Daniel went home and talked to Carrie…

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