Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Duane shook his head in response to Karmen 's comment, and lifted his gaze to survey the deserted highway, blue sky and blazing sun overhead, before it made it 's way back to her face. He hadn 't quite caught what she 'd mumbled to herself, but assumed it was about him, so he shot her a wink and playfully stuck out his tongue. Even at that moment, in the midst of their troubles, he felt somewhat like a schoolboy dealing with his first crush. Karmen was one of a kind, and although they 'd been acquainted for less than a day, for the first time in years, Duane thought here was a woman he could wish to spend time with, for more reasons than simply what she could offer in the sack, and getting into her panties could wait if it meant their first occasion wouldn 't also be the last.

He remained uncertain if Karmen 's teasing and apparent interest was in him, was true interest, or could just be put down to the fact it had been a while for her, and in that in Duane, she 'd finally met a man who, unlike those ofReddell, was well-dressed, passably handsome, and clean. Was it just an orgasm or two she was after, or was she becoming as enamoured with him as he was with her? After she got her desires satiated, would Karmen remain by his side, or instead be keen to make it to Vegas as soon as possible, and be rid of his company? They were just subliminal thoughts, however, and outwardly Duane had convinced himself that the constant teasing was just a way to increase Karmen 's sexual…

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