Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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sniffing something out yet. He said “ It was mid June and my brothers and I were in the woods playing and we hadn’t realized how far from home we had gotten.” He was also telling us how he learned to howl that day too. He said if he hadn’t learned how to howl then he probably would’ve never been found because his mom found them because she could hear him howling. Since that day one of Wolfie’s strongest traits is howling because he learned how to howl so young.
After he finished his story mom yelled to us to say goodnight to Wolfie and get into bed. So we did as we were told. We said goodnight to Wolfie and hopped over to our beds. When we were in bed I looked at my sister Rose and asked if she was still up. She said “ Yeah. I can’t sleep.” I told her I couldn’t either. I was thinking before I said anything else to her and it came to me. Christmas was in a few weeks. I told Rose that and we were so happy but we had to be quiet so our mom wouldn’t be mad that we were still up and so we didn’t wake our other siblings up.
In the morning Rose and I were the first up. Until Rose fell back asleep. So since I was the only one up I went to go see Wolfie and say good morning but when I got to the door he was gone. No note, no writing in the snow, nothing. I was so worried that he was shot or got sick of us and ran away so I hopped back into my room and went back to bed. I woke up an hour or so later. I went back into the living room and dinning room and mom was up. She said “ Good…

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