Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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There was this girl name Jennifer who grew up in a wealthy family and her family had everything that one needs. However the people she was living with adopted her since she was 2 years old. Jennifer was a very acculturate person, civilized, soft spoken and always nice to people. Even though her family was very rich, one would think they would be very nice people and they probably taking car of their kids nicely but in reality they were very strict. They would not allow her daughter to go out, so she never had any friends or anything. Jennifer also had a younger brother name Alex, she always played with him since she couldn’t go outside. Her brother was a very spoonfish kid, he always picked out the good stuff from the food first so nobody else can eat that and he was also a farcical person too. Jennifer loved reading, so she was a hard core reader, she was devoted to it, she also loved to draw thing on the wall. She liked to burnished her painting whether is was on the wall or on a board. She also loved to sing too, she always wanted to be a diva and get informed about it as much as she can. Her family was a very religious family but she always was a secular and emancipated person, who’s not connected with the religion. One time she sneaked out of her house without telling anybody because she was tired of sitting home all the time, it was a great sunshine day, she wanted to globalize with other people and enculturate with outside society rather then with just her family…

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