Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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1. (T) One of the themes portrayed in the story is, tradition isn’t always right. Everyone in the story follows this terrible tradition of stoning someone to death every year. Even though it’s meaningless everyone still follows it because “there’s always been a lottery”. The people choose to keep the tradition, even though the real reason for the dreadful lottery taking place is unknown. This can reflect on society today, because sometimes people follow customs without considering if it’s right or wrong. People often do this, because they’re either peer pressured or afraid to attempt to change the way they live. This theme shows that sometimes keeping the same traditions aren’t always right.

2. (SMI) At the beginning, the story seems to take place in a normal town. The author uses the imagery of describing a summer day makes the story start off with a positive note. The description of the women’s clothes (house dresses) suggests that it was taken place when women were mostly housewives. The mood is happy and exciting as everyone is gathering at one place to do the important lottery. The reader can see its taking place in a village, but the location is unknown. This means the village in the story could be anywhere.

3. (POV) The point of view is third-person omniscient because the narrator is just commenting on the action. It doesn’t really describe the thoughts going in anyone’s mind. The reader can only find out what the lottery is through the…

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