Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

1956 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 8 Pages
Towns best gossiper! Go’s to Miss Stephanie Crawford. Miss any current events just ask her and she can fill you in. Miss Stephanie Crawford is always at the latest events. She was at the trial, knows about what Mr. Ewell did to Atticus. She can pursue any subject and talk forever. She can make new news trial very fast. Her information most of the time is correct. At any meeting discussing anything important or not important she will be there. If you ever need an opinion on something she will have one. Miss Stephanie Crawford is the best gossiper.
The Best Shot award goes to Atticus Finch. Even with a bad left eye, he never misses. The most recent event was when Tim Johnson went rabid. He shot him with one bullet without hesitation even when there were tons of pressures on him. If he missed the dog it would have run right into someone’s lawn. Once when he was a little boy he shot fifteen times and hit fourteen doves. Ever since then he never misses anything after that. When he was younger, he would complain about wasting ammunition if he ever missed. Luckily he never misses no matter what. Atticus Finch can shoot anything with one shot.
The Next Award we will be handing out today is the best Garden Award in Maycomb. She has been seen taking care of her flowers every day. They bring joy to the children and their sweet smell fills the air. Her flowers can brighten up anyone’s day. Even if it is a year of a drought she still finds a way to make her flowers grow. Some…

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