Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By William L. F. Scott Fitzgerald

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She begins her journey by traveling by boat from Ireland to New York. Her name at that point in the story, the name her parents gave her, is Niamh Power. Throughout the story her name changes multiple times. This is because she went through a traumatic fire that she was told killed everyone in her family. Each time her name is changed so does her identity and the version of herself that she realizes she has become. Although she will always be Niamh Power from Ireland the names that her adoption parents give her are the leading identities that she receives. This is not because she chose to have this new identity but because she has to be in most of the situations that she is placed in. The situations that she is put into after the train arrives in Minnesota and she is adopted for the first time.

The realizations that she comes to with her own identity are discussed all throughout the book. With her first adoption family she is named Dorothy and finally realizes that she will no longer be allowed to make many decisions on her own. Her identity is changed from a girl with a family to the girl without a family. She begins to appreciate small family-like gestures from others that someone who already has a family would take almost for granted. Small gestures such as a woman named Fanny who works at the house and alongside Dorothy does. Fanny knows that Dorothy has a hard life without much appreciation for what she does. She is then in return very nice to Dorothy and mentors her…

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