Analysis Of The Book ' The Gift Of The Magi ' By O. Henry Essay

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Well if you are really interested in reading a ‘Christmas’ story that does not involve Santa or are fed up of the usual, boring conventional Christmas tales, then The Gift of the Magi is the perfect pick! It is a story that reinforces the value of selfless giving. Written by O. Henry, an American short story writer born under the name William Sydney Porter, the plot is really absorbing, and is complimented with details throughout which keeps the reader involved till the very last word. This American short story writer has a rich canon and his short stories are well known throughout the world. O. Henry often prefers translating tragedy or misfortune into an emphasized regard and tenderness for the underdog. This perspective on the world around him is distinctly visible in “The Gift of the Magi,” in which he counterpoints the elements of love and care with those of poverty and sacrifice.
Actually I haven’t read that much of O. Henry, well the last and the only being a story titled ‘The Last Leaf’, which I read in grade 7, which was indeed really awesome! So when I picked up this, I was expecting a good story. Trust me, it stood by my expectations! It 's a startling tale which talks about the undying love and sacrifice between two lovers, Jim and Della. Although I 'm not the best person to comment on romantic stories, me being quite opposed to the idea of love and sacrifice, this story was different, better said, unique. It wasn’t a usual love story that has a fantasy ending,…

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