Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Four Noble Truths '

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Study Guide #4 Corey Nance
1. The Four Noble Truths
• The First Noble Truth: To Live Is to Suffer
- To live means to experience anxiety, loss, and sometimes even anguish. Daily lives become a long list of things-to-do, like jugglers trying to keep too many balls spinning in the air.
• The Second Noble Truth: Suffering Comes from Desire
- The suffering comes from wanting what we cannot have and never being satisfied with what we do have. Life is always changing and no matter how much we acquire we cannot permanently be satisfied.
• The Third Noble Truth: To end Suffering, End Desire
- A recommendation that everyone accept peacefully whatever occurs, aiming less for happiness and more for inner peace. The individual should concentrate on the present moment, not on the past or the future or one’s desires for them.
• The Fourth Noble Truth: Release from Suffering is Possible and Can be Attained by Following The Noble Eightfold Path
- The ultimate goal is Nirvana which means “the fires of desire have been extinguished”. Upon attaining Nirvana, the individual has self-control and is no longer driven from inside by raging emotional forces or from outside by the unpredictable events of life.
• The Noble Eightfold Path: Will lead toward liberation from the impermanence and suffering of reality.
- Right Understanding: I recognize the impermanence of life.
- Right Intention: My thoughts and motives are pure
- Right Speech: I speak honestly and kindly
- Right Action: My…

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