Analysis Of The Book ' The First Thing ' Essay

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The first thing they see on their visit is a community celebration. There are pounding drums and a cross is raised featuring a man and an eagle. A young man walks into a pile of writhing snakes and he is whipped until he collapses bleeding. They meet John, a handsome blond man dressed in the Indian style. He speaks perfect english and explains that he wanted the honor of being the sacrifice but the elders would not let him. They saw him as an outsider. He tells them that his mother Linda came from the “other place” but on a visit to the reservation suffered an injury and was rescued by the Indians. He says his father was named Tomakin, but Bernard knows him as Thomas, the Director, but keeps this a secret. John introduces them to his mother who disgusts Lenina. Linda tells explains that something went wrong with her contraceptives which is why she had John. She was too ashamed to go back with a child so she stayed and had sex with many of the men in the village. The women hated her for it and often beat her for sleeping with their men. John tells Bernard that he felt alone because he grew up listening to his mother’s stories of the other place. The village never accepted him, his mother making it difficult because of her loose behavior. John’s mother Linda had a lover, Popé, who brought her alcohol and brought John a book of Shakespearean plays which John read avidly. He said the plays gave voice to his emotion. Bernard invites John to London. John agrees, insisting Linda…

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