Analysis Of The Book ' The Fire Of The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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She felt the fire in her face as his hand connected with her cheek. She gulped and shrunk into the corner of the room. She wasn 't all that certain what was going on or how she was going to deal with this but he was drunk and on a rampage. "You 're mine you slut." He shouted at her as he charged towards the frightened woman in the corner. "Please stop." She screamed. "Someone help me, please, he is trying to kill me!" "No one can hear you bitch." Came the snarled reply as he slammed his fist into her flesh once again."Stop it." She shouted as she pushed at him, trying to force him to get away. She felt the blood trickling as she lost complete conscious. Tracy smiled as she and Blake were eating dinner together. "So do you think Kip will ever pop the question?" She asked him finally as she set her fork aside."That 's none of our business." Blake said shaking his head. "Aw come on, tell me you don 't want to know." Tracy said to her husband with a smirk. "I don 't want to know." Blake said with a grin. "Jessie and he are so close." Tracy said with a pout. "You should talk him into it.""Tracy." Blake warned since he knew something she didn 't. "Kip and Jessie broke up this morning.""What? Why?" Tracy asked shocked as her fork clattered to her plate."Something about a phone call kip got that made him not want to be with her or something like that." Blake said shrugging his shoulders. "What kind of phone call? From who?" Tracy asked suspicious. "Don 't know." Blake said…

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