Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Fall Of Eve '

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The Fall of Eve
The Bible tells us that it was Eve that ate the fruit, and she condemned mankind to exile from the Garden of Eden.This can be seen in the title of East of Eden – Adam’s land in Salinas is an Eden when he buys it with Cathy and it is fertile and ready to be planted. Yet when Kate leaves him, he lets it sit empty and unused and it is no longer a paradise. Cathy is Eve, and she has locked him out of his own Eden. It’s interesting to compare Eve, or the idea of her, to the three main women in this novel.
Abra is an example of a perfect lady who exists merely to comfort Aron and, later in the book, lead Cal in the right direction. She does complain that Aron imagines her as perfect, but she never does anything in the book to prove him wrong and that’s where the problem is. Abra can be compared to Eve before the snake and the fruit and the Fall. Abra is Eve as a young lady – she is still a girl, and she is seen as sweet and virginal. She says that she is “impure” and that Aron sees her as something that she is not, but maybe he only sees Eden, and the Fall is something we never had a chance to glimpse with Abra. Steinbeck is still stuck in the time of Genesis, where a woman can be compared to a garden. She is still growing; she is perfect and pure and her words don’t speak loud enough.
His male characters are complex and sinful and real and are still considered good people, but Abra is described as “a straight, strong, fine-breasted woman, developed and ready and…

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