Analysis Of The Book ' The Epigraph ' Essay

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1. The title of the book is referenced in the epigraph, where a biblical quote is used to introduce and set the mood for the book. Ecclesiathes writes that, “The sun also ariseth,”(7) and the phrase is conveying regardless of the minuscule events going on in all the character’s lives, the sun is going to come up again the next day and life will go on. The cycles that the Earth are known for will continue as they are now. Looking at the series of events that go on in the book can show while the Lost Generation may be a bit purposeless and ultimately damaged, hopefulness is instilled in everyone. 2. Jake Barnes,the narrator, is one of many who is changed greatly by the war. Not only does he experience physical injuries, he is emotionally hurt as well. Simultaneously driven and directionless, he is a fabulous model for someone belonging to the Lost Generation. His friend,Robert Cohn, is what I believe to be a foil for Jake and even some of the others. He brings out negative attributes of everyone involved.While not the complete opposite of Jake, he is weak and without any passion in comparison. Bill Gorton is a closer friend of Jake, whom seems to be a decent guy and a happy one at that. Like his friend,Bill is both successful and creative.The woman that is most focused on in the novel is Lady Brett Ashley.What defines Brett is her attempt to build an emotional wall after her experiences in the war. Somehow,she becomes involved with everyone in the book. This is due…

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