Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Envelope '

1013 Words May 10th, 2015 null Page
You are walking down the street and find an envelope with contact information on the ground. The envelope is filled with about two grand.. Currently, you now in possession of two grand, and there is no one around to dispute your rights to the money, because “finders keepers”. A few moments later, you run into a stranger. The stranger is disheveled, with a panic look within her eyes. She bumps into you, dropping all the contents in her hands and purse fall all over on to the ground. She apologizes excessively, and you aid her, then she asks you if you happened to see an envelope with her information on it. She tells you how she lost her money for rent that about 6 months overdue. She knows it is foolish to hope, but all she has left is the hope that the money will still be there. Now, knowing this, what do you do? Do you hand the money over to her? Or do you walk away from this person? “Is it better to live a just life than an unjust life, even if one can accumulate vast material benefits through the latter?” Would you rather walk away with this money now or give it up in order to do the right thing? Morality is a word that holds a high value within many cultures. Merriam-Webster defines ‘morality’ as the degree to which something is right and good”. Morals can be dated as far back as from the times of ancient Mesopotamia, and even further back to the beginning of civilizations. Morals allow us to live fulfilling lives with not only ourselves, but with others as well.…

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