Essay Analysis Of The Book ' The Devil '

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This novel offers some insight into the ways that the devil would like to win us over. It also gives us an insight into the relationship between demons. The novel is writing by C.S. Lewis. He was a great author and a believer of the Lord. He used this novel as an insight into what the devil tries to do. He also uses it to explain what the Lord does to protect us from the devil. This is one of those novels that can be hard for a Christian to read because it is in the viewpoint of a demon. This novel is about a young demon who is trying to bring a patient that is a new believer of god to hell or as Screwtape says The Fathers side. The young demons name is Wormwood. He has an uncle by the name of Screwtape who is an advanced demon. Screwtape is there receiving letters from Wormwood that explain what is happening in the life and in the world of his patient. Throughout the novel, Screwtape is not so pleased with his nephew because he does not listen to Screwtape. Wormwood is so naive that Screwtape tells him exactly what to do to win over the patient in two ways and Screwtape tells of the consequence of both acts and Wormwood always picks the wrong one. The reason that the patient cannot be won by Wormwood is, one Wormwood is doing it wrong, the other is that demons do not understand Gods love for us. If you don 't know what you are fighting against then it is really hard to win. The number one wrong thing that Wormwood did was he allowed the patient to fall in real love with a…

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