Analysis Of The Book ' The Devil And Tom Walker ' Essay

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Washington Irving is an author that is known for his unique way of delivering messages to the reader. He primarily gives a strong signal to his audience in the short story called, "The Devil and Tom Walker." Through this short story, he expresses the value of life through a character by the name of Tom Walker. Throughout the story, it is said multiple times that Tom and his wife have an extremely miserable life together and that they are a lower class, slipshod type of family. Irving talks about the particular circumstance that Tom and his wife are living their lives haphazardly as if they have absolutely nothing to lose. Indisputably, taking a shortcut in this instance for Tom, no matter what the circumstance, was, in his opinion, an excellent idea. The author writes about Tom and his wife in an attempt to get in touch with his audience, who may or may not be in a similar circumstance. Irving strives to connect with the readers to demonstrate that no matter how difficult life can be, it is invaluable. Taking a shortcut in life could be an extraordinary life changing event for the reason that it could lead to the harming of others, a damaged relationship with God and even cessation of life. Tom Walkers first day toward the end of his life commenced when the author said, "One Day that Tom Walker had been a distant part of the neighborhood, he took what he considered a shortcut homeward, through the swamp"(Irving 230). This quote is a sterling example of extreme…

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