Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Curtain '

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Regina closes the door and takes a deep breath. She collects herself before getting to work. The rest of the day seems to fly by. She has been dreading the sleepover she is having tonight with Roland and Robin. Robin had just poured his heart out and she was hoping that it wouldn 't make things awkward. She wanted tonight to be perfect for Roland, he is so important to her. Right before she was about to leave there was a knock at her door. She sighs and says, "Come in, but make it quick I have stuff to do." Snow walks in cheery as ever which made Regina roll her eyes and ask, "what do you need?" Snow lets out a sigh and sits down across from Regina and says, "We need to talk." "About?" Regina questionably asks. Snow takes a deep breath before saying, "You have seemed off all day today. Everything seemed to be fine expect when I mentioned something about Robin. What happened Regina?" Regina inhales sharply and forces a smile and replies, "Nothing, we are fine." Snow rolls her eyes and says, "I don 't believe that. I know when you are lying to me. Don 't shut me out Regina I can help you." Regina looks down and says, "nothing can help what has happened. I know that you are trying to help, but right now that 's not what I need. I just need some time to think. I will tell you soon, I promise." Snow gets up and hugs Regina and replies, "I know things will work out." Tears begin to form in Regina eyes as she hugs Snow tighter. She releases her and gives her a sad…

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