Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Cup Of Coffee '

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With fractured heart and sympathetic understanding, Henry set the cup of coffee he’d gotten from the bartender, on the table in front of Jeremiah. He looked upon his old friend a moment before he spoke. “Old Man, you haven 't had a drink in nearly six years; what possessed you to pick up that bottle again? I’d a never figured you for falling off the wagon after all this time.
“When I thought Missy was gonna die, it was like all my old demons jest come a running at me, full force,” said Jeremiah, slightly belligerent.
Henry could tell that Jeremiah was still slightly tangle-eyed, as he used to call it when he was drunk. “You can 't do this to yourself, Jeremiah, or to our friendship. My family loves you; we want you to come home. Hell, old Man, I wouldn 't know what to do without you around. You 've had my back ever since we was, locked up,” he said quietly. Jeremiah 's hands shook so badly, as he tried to raise the cup of coffee to his lips, that he spilt about half of it.
“See!” Jeremiah yelled, “I done got to where I shake so damn bad that I can’t even drink a cup of coffee! I jest ain 't worth a damn to nobody no more!”
“You may not realize it, old man, but you mean a lot to me and my family,” said Henry. “And, you might not know it, but we need you, and you need us, too. Now, come on and drink that coffee so we can get on to the house and get you cleaned up. Charity and the young’uns are going to get worried if we don‘t get there soon.”
At the mention of Charity and…

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