Analysis Of The Book ' The Cold Blood ' Essay

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In the book In Cold Blood, Truman Capote writes his book into four separate chapters to create different perspectives leading up to the conclusion behind the actions of the Clutter murders.Throughout the book Capote talks about the murders and the ones responsible for them, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith. Throughout the book Capote shows effectively how, at the time, the justice system looks past Perry Smith’s mental state of being, because of his actions. Capote uses several language elements to build several perspectives to the culprits and their motiveless crime giving it meaning that it didn’t have; and to show the merciless qualities of the criminal justice system.
Murder is a sensitive subject not everyone can agree on the consequences. There is always a matter of question, whether to give the murderer mercy or to do as they did, and consider the death penalty. In Cold Blood, was written from real life reports, there is no surprise that Mr. Hickock and Mr. Smith both got hung. Capote chose to begin the book with an epigraph that sets a tone of compassion. Leaving the reader with a foreshadow of the hangings, and to questioning morality and mercy. “[...] Have your hearts not harden against us”(qtd. in Capote), in this quote the culprit is asking for the people to have pity. In return “God will sooner show you mercy”(dtd. in Capote). By Capote putting the epigraph at the beginning of the book he’s asking his readers to have an open mind with the actions…

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