Analysis Of The Book ' The Coddling Of The American Mind ' Essay

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Every little kid has fallen at some point. Riding that bike, trying to balance on a beam or just plain bad balance. A mother would lean down and kiss the boo boo and tears away. But how many times would she do the same thing, making sure her child protected in the best way, not letting anyone hurt her baby? Eventually would she say that tears aren’t necessary? Would the child be able to That crying about it will only make it worse? It seems to be taking parents, and just the american lifestyle in general, longer to set children on a track of realization that life isn’t all sugar and spice, as many can see in September 2015. The excessive coddling does not allow the children to grow and learn. The Atlantic 's “The Coddling of the American Mind” explores how this generation of adults turned scared children have to be stepped over like broken glass so no one gets hurt. By relying on differing tones of critization and information, highlighting different emotions and intertwining real life examples anyone could understand, Haidt and Lukianoff are able to give an insight and understanding that we are babying and hurting the creative mind of not only our youth, but many our own.
Tone is one main way an author can show the overall purpose of the article. Having a serious and sarcastic tone can really get their tone of annoyance. One of the first places this can be seen is right at the beginning. “...movement is scrub campuses clean of words…”. Using the scrub campuses…

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