Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Circle '

1315 Words Sep 14th, 2016 6 Pages
As I read the book “The Circle” I began to have many questions and relate to some of the characters but one in particular stood out to me. That character was Mercer, I noticed that Mercer was almost an outsider to technology and not a big user social media at all just like myself. The I started to realize how much this fictional book actually relates to today’s society without anyone even realizing it. I did not pick up on how similar this book and today’s society were until I was about halfway through it and started questioning it. Some of my questions were, “how could people follow so blindly”, “Why would they ever want to become part of the circle”, “how did the circle gain so much power so quickly”. As I was asking these questions I was stunned to realize a situation unbelievably similar is happening to us as we speak and no one even notices it. In the book a main issue was privacy because in the circle there was absolutely no privacy at all. On page 305 it was actually said “Secrets are lies. Sharing is caring. Privacy is theft”. If you were part of the circle and you had any secrets that you tried to hide you would be considered a criminal to the circle. A quote from Mae better describing this is on page 496 saying “She wondered what Annie was thinking. Doctors said she was mainly day dreaming; they’d been measuring steady brain activity during the coma, but what precisely was happening in her mind was unknown to all, and Mae couldn’t help feeling some annoyance about…

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